wild garlic capers

Câpres d'ail des ours

La nature nous offre des trésors lors des cueillette, c’est le cas des fruits, des champignons mais également des plantes. Et je trouve que la plus extraordinaire d’entres-elles est l’ail des ours. Son odeur mais au delà son goût est juste une merveille… j’imagine déjà beaucoup d’autres recettes avec elle

La cueillette avec Monsieur à été plus qu’un succès, nous avons donc tenté l’expérience des câpres maison avec les boutons floraux d’ail des ours. Je pense les conserver au moins 1 mois avant dégustation, to see because it is the first time that I try the experience. But in my opinion, they will go perfectly well with my salads or next winter's raclette !

Câpres d'ail des ours

wild garlic capers

Ingredients (pour 1 pot)

  • 4 beautiful handfuls of wild garlic flower buds
  • 40 cl white sherry vinegar (7% acidity)
  • 1 c. at c. mustard seeds
  • 1 c. at c. coriander seeds
  • A few peppercorns


Wash the flower buds then dry them on a clean tea towel.. Once dry place them in a sterilized glass jar..

Add the different seeds.

Bring the vinegar to a boil then pour it over the wild garlic.

Make a ball of parchment paper and place it in the pot before closing. So, the flower buds will all be in the vinegar and you can remove it after a few days.

Câpres d'ail des ours

To taste in the 6 month.


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  • mllecuisine

    oh yes i love the idea ! you will tell us about it ? ^^

  • Lolotte

    I often make myself a fennel-tuna-caper salad, I'm sure if it's the last wild garlic flavored sound it must be a treat!

  • LBDN

    Oh yes! I even made my flavored oil with wild garlic!

  • Cocopassions

    I do it every year, it's so good

  • Anne

    I've never seen (other than on blogs) nor ate wild garlic. At the next walk in the forest (when the flood has stopped), I go hunting !

    • Elizabeth

      be careful not to confuse it with the crocus leaves that grow in the same place, often.( can be deadly) .

      • Emilie

        You are right Elisabeth but the smell does not deceive !

  • I only know by name. This recipe is awesome ! Looking forward to the start of the school year to find out more 🙂

  • Lili

    Hi ! What a great discovery I am making here., we learn every day. My man has to go picking then ! Thank you for these beautiful jars. !! Kisses xx

  • Celine {A&CN}

    I have the same at home!

  • the ogress

    What a good idea ! I hope that it will work !
    It's a great discovery for me., Too bad we can't pick wild garlic around here, not even much of a plant 😀

  • Vero

    take, I just have a jar waiting patiently in my cellar…