Liège sourdough waffles {vegan}

gaufres vegan
gaufre au levain

Notre levain, nommé Martin, est en grande forme et à défaut d’avoir le temps de faire du pain tous les jours, on le transforme en pas mal d’autres choses, comme ces gaufres au levain vegan. Bon et puis autant vous dire qu’à la maison les gaufres c’est bien vite dévoré (with 3 enfants tu m’étonnes !), et on m’en demande souvent, l’occasion de bien peaufiner cette recette de gaufres vegan au levain ! C’est donc une recette aux petits oignons (l’expression hein, je n’ai pas mis d’oignons dedans !!!), que je vous livre ici, fluffy and caramelized waffles just perfect, just talking about it makes my mouth water !

Here it's team icing sugar on top,

but I admit that the melted chocolate, spread or chestnut cream are also welcome ! You are free to choose how to taste them, the advantage of sourdough waffles is that they keep very well in an airtight box and you can eat them the next day without any problem. If you ever didn't have leaven on hand, you can very well replace it with baker's yeast, just be sure to halve the rest times.

vegan Liège waffles
Vegan waffle recipe

Liège sourdough waffles {vegan}


  • 500 g of flour T65
  • 200 g chilled sourdough
  • 70 grams of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons plain soy yogurt
  • 150 g neutral vegetable oil
  • 10 cl of soy milk
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 200 g brown sugar
  • Put the flour in a bowl, make two wells and add the leaven in one and the sugar and salt in the other.
  • Work the dough with a food processor equipped with a hook (or by hand) and add the yogurt and soy milk. Knead the dough and stretch it, then add oil.
  • Knead the dough until it comes away from the bowl, environ 15 minutes at medium speed.
  • Let the dough rise covered under a tea towel for 3 hours in a warm place or overnight in a cool place.
  • Transfer the dough to a floured work surface, incorporate the brown sugar then form approximately 20 dough pieces. let rise under a tea towel 1 h (you can skip this step but it will be a little less successful).
  • Preheat the waffle maker, then cook your dough for about 4 minutes (the time will depend on your device).
Liege waffle recipe
Easy Vegan Waffles

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  • LadyMilonguera

    Terribly tempting you guys.

  • Felicia

    Hello, that looks so good to me 😀 If I replace the sourdough with baker's yeast, how much should i put? And mix it with how much flour and water?
    Thank you in advance for your advice 😉

    • Emilie

      Thank you Felicie, about yeast, replace the sourdough with a sachet of dry yeast or 1/2 cube of fresh yeast in soy milk !