chocolate pear

Poire au chocolat

Ce week-end, j’ai eu besoin de douceur, de comfort food, de doudou et qui dit tout ça dit chocolat ! SO, comme je ne pouvais vraiment pas vous présenter une tablette de chocolat, j’ai choisi la poire au chocolat. Donc comme son nom l’indique il y a bien du chocolat dans cette poire au chocolat mais aussi de la chantilly, bah oui tant qu’on y est on met le paquet ! Brief, la poire c’est la saison donc on en profite, et avec le retour du froid, manger un petit dessert cuisiné un peu chaud (oui car on ne peux pas dignement se nourrir uniquement de raclette et de chocolat chaud !) et bien ça fait du bien !

To your pots my little wolves because this chocolate pear is waiting for you (yes I'm trying rhyme now !)

Recette de poire au chocolat

Poire au chocolat recette

chocolate pear
Pour 4 people
To print
  1. 4 firm pears
  2. 80 key of water
  3. 170 g cane sugar
  4. 1 vanilla pod
  5. 100 g dark chocolate
  6. 50 g of butter
  8. 25 whipping cream
  9. 40 g icing sugar
  1. Split the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the seeds. In a saucepan, heat the water, the sugar as well as the vanilla pod and its grains. Peel the pears and keep the tails, this will be easier to turn them in the pan.Put the pears in the syrup and cook over medium heat for 40 minutes. The syrup should reduce by approximately 2/3 and the pears become slightly translucent.
  2. Melt the butter then add the chocolate pieces off the heat, stirring well to make an emulsion.
  3. Beat the cold cream with the sugar to make whipped cream..
  4. Serve the pears with the chocolate and whipped cream.
aime & mange
Belle-Hélène pear

Poire au chocolat


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  • Hum the pear chocolate association : such a delight!!

  • Cecilecooks

    A very simple but terribly delicious recipe. At my house, the pear-chocolate combination is a big favorite ! Yum.

    • Emilie

      Yes, it’s true that it’s the perfect combination., thank you Cécile !

  • Audrey

    The pear with the chocolate flowing like that, It immediately reminds me of the Nestlé dessert ad from when I was little!! This is a dessert that I make often and which is indeed comforting.! I just add flaked almonds!

    • Emilie

      Ah yes the Nestlé ad, we have the same references 😉

  • This recipe is perfect, I had the idea of ​​offering this type of dessert at Christmas. I found a perfect chocolate sauce, but I didn't have the technique for the pear. Now it's done ! (but then I will also try with your sauce :p)

    • Emilie

      Oh cool, yes it’s true that it’s the perfect kind of dessert for the holidays !

  • Nina

    Raaaah firecracker, these photos make me want it! I love the pear-chocolate mix, yet I have eaten very few chocolate pears in my life (on the other hand I had to swallow at least 37832 Belle-Hélène ice cream cups ^^) and always at the restaurant, I have never tried pears in homemade syrup. But now I really want to try, plus now I know where to find worse ones to cook at the market, so no more excuses!

    • Emilie

      Oh yes, there in the middle of the pear season you no longer have excuses and then it’s so good !!!

  • or

    wow I'm a fan but you must spend a lot of time I admit that I would tear my hair out first I have so many things to do besides maybe one day I'm a fan of pear and chocolate it must be just huge

    • Emilie

      Thank you very much Ama ! Yes it’s time consuming but I always do it with pleasure so…

  • Miss cuisine

    Your photos really make me want it ^^ I'm going to try it this Saturday.

  • Royal Chill

    So simple and so good ! I adore !
    Have a nice week end

  • Nelisa2669

    And I'm a fan of your presentation with the saucer on the upside-down cup