Pomegranate Vegan Scones {Concours Inside}

Scones vegan

Ah les sconesça ne sont pas mes premiers bien entendue car je trouve que les scones sont un truc hypra méga supra rapide et simple à faire et parfaits pour le brunch du dimanche (Finally… le brunch est devenu un concept chez nous avec Mini-Mademoiselle mais je fais comme si !). Mais cette fois-ci, ce sont des scones vegan et avec un petit plus bien croquant, des petits grains de grenade. J’avais déjà fais un essai de ces scones vegan, mais je n’avais plus que de la farine intégrale dans le placard et le résultat fut plus que friablela cata quoi ! So I repeated with semi-wholemeal flour and there it was just the texture I wanted, soft and crumbly just right.

And yes, you read correctly, I offer you a little contest today in partnership with Cookstomize, and that, it happens at the bottom of the article !

Recette de Scones vegan

Scones vegan

Pomegranate Vegan Scones
Pour 6-8 scones
To print
  1. 220 g T80 flour
  2. 50 g whole sugar
  3. 50 g vegetable margarine
  4. 8 cl vegetable milk
  5. 1 packet of yeast
  6. 1 pinch of vanilla powder
  7. 1/2 little spoon of salt
  8. The seeds of a pomegranate
  1. Preheat the oven to 200°.
  2. Mix together the dry ingredients which are the flour, sugar, the yeast, vanilla and salt.
  3. Add the margarine and work the mixture in a food processor fitted with a sheet or by hand. Then add the vegetable milk to obtain a sticky dough..
  4. Finish by adding the pomegranate seeds.
  5. Form a ball then place- it on a plate covered with parchment paper. Spread it by hand to obtain 2 cm thick then cut into 6-8 parts.
  6. Bake 20 minutes.
aime & mange https://aime-mange.com/
Scones maison

And as promised, here is a little competition just for you. I suggest you win, with the site Cookstomize.fr, a copy of the book “ Bloggers cook Vegan », in which I collaborated.

For that, nothing's easier, you have to :

-Leave a comment below this article, telling me why you want to win this book,

– Like my Facebook page as well as that of Cookstomize,

– {Optional} Share this article on social networks = + 1 chance to win by sharing, please leave an additional comment by sharing.

The game starts now and will end on 07 Avril. The winner will be drawn at the end of the contest and will be indicated under this article (game reserved for Metropolitan France).

I just have to wish you good luck my little wolves !!!


Edit of 10/04 : It is comment n°16 that has been drawn : Congratulations to CookieM who wins the book !!!

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  • couchie

    I really like the idea of ​​a giant scone and with the pomegranate it's pretty and original !

  • Manon

    These scones are so good!!! and what is a robot with a leaf? Why we want to win the book?!
    For your beautiful photos, and to promote vegan recipes around you! Encore grand bravooooooooo 🙂

  • vava54

    hello and thank you . I let myself be seduced as a cooking fan . I will be very happy
    hc vava54
    fc vanessa degrave
    https://www.facebook.com/vanessa.degravemiget/posts/1554972291434468?pnref=story and on https://twitter.com/vava544440/status/582922314033078272 thank you see you soon vanessa.degrave@neuf.fr

  • lynette abelle

    bonjour, I try my luck for this nice contest.
    I am happy to participate.
    I love cooking and I would be delighted to discover this book to make delicious recipes.
    i'm a fan on fb 2 pages : lynette abelle
    I am subscribed to twitter : lynette abelle
    I follow HC and Instagram : lynette abelle
    my email = lynetteabelle@yahoo.fr
    thank you again have a nice day.

  • Celine Bruness

    Hello! This recipe looks great! I'm looking forward to reproducing it soon.. But the one and only time I made scones, we didn't finish them they were so filthy.. XD I'm ashamed…
    I heard about this great book and I'm happy to participate 🙂 I know that when it comes to the foods I choose, I am not blameless and I would really like to make an effort in this direction (and with my little family and more, that would be great!) but for them, vegan does not necessarily mean gourmet… So I would like to sweep away prejudices by making them good dishes 😉
    I'm a fan of both fb pages (celine Bruness) and I share:

    Thank you for the contest!
    Kisses and good evening ♥

  • Pascale

    I'm starting to get interested in vegan recipes and this book would help me a lot 😉

  • Lou

    Phew, one more last chance to win this beautiful book ! I really want to have it because it will give me lots of inspiration to cook vegan, with multiple eyes! That's what's great about collaborative works 🙂
    I do not have facebook, but i follow you via rss feed, and I just subscribed to your newsletter and that of Cookstomize, it's alright It works?
    And I share on pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/538883911639019685/
    Thank you for this contest!

  • Claire

    Starting my cookbook collection with yours would be just perfect ! I think gathering bloggers for this book is a great idea., especially when you are so talented ! Then have a great paper, I think it's even better for cooking !
    Waiting, I think I'm going to be tempted by your scones recipe 😉

  • fred-steph l'aminot

    thank you.
    I try my luck.
    I liked the fb pages : fred-steph l’aminot

    Have a good day

  • Anna

    Why I want to win this cool cookbook ?
    But because I'm crazy about cookbooks !!!
    In addition I leafed through it yesterday and I found it super nice.
    And also because I'm vg so bingo ! 😉
    Bravo bravo for your participation in this book.
    Beautiful day

  • Clementine

    very good idea the pomegranate in the scones !

    I would like to win this book to discover a little more about the vegan cuisine that is really tempting me these days… Seen the bloggers who participated, it can only please me !
    I liked the pages with my Histoires de Fruit account 🙂

  • Adeline

    This is a nice book that would allow me to put a little more plant in my life.… and who knows, to convince my man 😉 (and I take a scone by the way, I adore !!!!)

  • I want this book because it has the names of all my favorite bloggers on the cover!! Thank you for this little contest!!

  • And hop, it's share! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mon-mara%C3%AEcher-%C3%A0-la-casserole/702551793128195
    Cookstomize liked, and your page for a long time!! 😉

  • Aeneas

    So I'm a fan of your pie dough haha, I found your lovely blog with this recipe.… And the alliance between the rustic side of the scones and the tartness of the pomegranate must be surprising! A tester.
    As for this book, the reasons why I would like it:
    1: all of the bloggers that I follow
    2: the best recipes of each of them
    3 45 receipts!!
    I liked the pages but my Facebook username is not the username under which I sign… However it contains my first name (which is also in my email address). In short I don't know if it will work…

  • CookieM

    The recipe seems very tempting to me as always.. I might try it but without the grenade. It's so much mess to sort through.… Juice dripping everywhere… that annoys meffff 😉
    Et, I cannot participate : because no Facebook page !
    Thank you anyway for this game. I would like to participate… and above all win !! But no FB so no luck for me.
    Good evening

    • Emilie

      No worries Corinne, I take your participation into account 😉

  • Romain

    Hello, here is my participation in the game.

    I want to win this book to give it to my mom who runs guest rooms and who can treat customers with the recipes !

    Hoping that a man will be drawn. Fingers crossed.
    Merci !

  • Marie

    When the coolest girls in the vegetarian kitchen meet, how not to crack ? Thank you for this contest !

  • Chantal

    I love to cook, practice a simple and very light cuisine and would like to put more vegetables; on my plate, being sure that it is balanced.

  • very nice version, greedy to wish
    It's a real pleasure to see these pictures

  • Yum! I like scones!

    Nice competition!

  • Aurelie Blanche

    Good evening, here is my entry 🙂

    I like your Facebook page as well as that of Cookstomize under the nickname Aline Blanche.

    I would like to win this book because without being vegan, I have been very interested in vegetarian cuisine since November 2013.
    I removed meat from my diet and I discovered (or rediscover) certain foods. I still have a lot to learn from this kitchen, and I am always delighted to discover new books dedicated to him.

    I come back with my shares. Thank you and have a good weekend !

  • Aurelie Blanche

    My Twitter Share : https://twitter.com/AurelieMiam/status/584419860920270849

  • Aurelie Blanche

    My Pinterest share : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/289778557250342878/

  • Aurelie Blanche

    And finally my G+ share : https://plus.google.com/u/0/114893433202029424963/posts/hCKkrE5NMGR

    Thank you again for this appetizing contest.…

  • Djahann

    thanks for this nice contest. I participate with pleasure
    I love cookbooks, and I am moving towards a healthier cuisine. so i need some ideas ! That's why I would love to win this book..
    I'm a fan of both pages : Emmanuelle Fo
    Good Sunday !

  • Anne-Marie SALAMANCA

    Good evening 🙂

    I am happy to try my luck because I would love to discover new vegan recipes thanks to this book ^^

    I'm a fan of 2 pages on FB (Nom : Anne-Marie SALAMANCA)

    I come back with my share 😉

  • Anne-Marie SALAMANCA

    Sharing made on twitter -> https://twitter.com/AnneMarie_Twitt/status/585162351013408768

    Thank you for this contest and good evening

  • Marinebulle

    A little more and I missed the date! Either way, these are great scones., I've wanted to do this for a very long time but I don't dare, for fear that my family will not like it (I don't have an oven at wam :/), it's too dry…?
    In any case I liked the two fb pages via the Marinebulle Guilmatre account =)
    For several years I have been decreasing my consumption of meat products more and more., and I admit to lack of inspiration, and more resources!! And I'm scared, for this reason, to be tempted to go back to meat 😮
    In short, there you are madam ^^ I give you kisses and say see you soon I hope ^^

  • Marinebulle

    I take this opportunity to leave you my first sharing link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/190206784238993176/

  • Marinebulle

    Here is the second: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108413956937248466718/posts/JTDY8aVFc5T

    (I hope I didn't read it wrong, and do not flood unnecessarily :o)

  • Marinebulle

    And the last one ^^
    Have a good night 😉

  • Foodbiotic

    Hmmm that must be nice ! I love blueberry scones so I imagine pomegranate scones must be terrible !

  • CookieM

    thank you luck 😉
    I am surprised but delighted to have won (even without FB !). Me who is usually not lucky…
    Since discovering the very nice blog, I discovered another way of cooking. Without “telling my life story”, I have multiple sclerosis and eat healthily, as well as my family, is important.