Brownie Cru {vegan, sans gluten}

Brownie cru

Le brownie cruvoilà une petite gourmandise saine à laquelle je n’avais pas encore succombé. Je peux vous dire que j’aurais du y succomber plus tôt, car ce truc est vraiment une tuerie… non, non je n’exagère pas ! La base est constituée de dattes medjols, de noix et de cacao cru… only good things, et en prime pas de sucre et pas de graisse ajoutées, oui, j’essaye de vous maintenir en forme (et moi aussi) avant la débâcle calorique des fêtes de fin d’année !!! Le brownie cru est donc un allié parfait pour reprendre un peu d’énergie sans culpabiliser, it is also a basis for “forcing” yourself to eat healthier. And then to go with, I made a little raw chocolate mousse, I'll show you the recipe soon.

Perfect for breakfast or snack (who said afternoon tea was just for kids ?!!!) served with a voucher smoothie For example.

recette brownie cru

brownie cru recette

Brownie Cru {vegan, sans gluten}
For a square dish
To print
  1. 500 g medjol dates
  2. 100 g cashew nuts
  3. 50 grams of hazelnuts
  4. 50 g raw cocoa
  5. 1 pinch of salt
  1. Pit the dates and put them in a blender.
  2. Add the cashews, raw cocoa and salt then mix until a paste is obtained.
  3. Finish by adding the hazelnuts then mix coarsely again.
  4. Spread the preparation obtained in a square dish.
  5. Book cool 30 minutes and enjoy.
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  • Sonia

    here is a recipe that I succumb to!

    • Emilie

      Oh how I understand you… Thank you Sonia !

  • Pauline

    I dare not think of my brownie recipe… much more calories !!!! Sometimes I have trouble (it is surely a mistake !) with the recipes of too healthy sweets, I hung out too much in grandma's kitchen where the butter, eggs and flour had a place of choice in the realization of desserts !! But hey, habits are also made to be shaken up from time to time., I should test !

    • Emilie

      And to the "classic" mine either !!! Bah me too I had trouble but it intrigued me so I decided to test all this and I love it !!!
      It's true that it's good to hustle, at all levels by the way 😉

  • OH! it inspires me! I try for sure!

    • Emilie

      Ah then you will tell me what you thought of it when you will test !!!

  • My God, it sells so many dreams. ♥
    More than buying dates…

  • Mylene

    Bonjour, your recipe caught my eye, I just have a question in what form is the raw cocoa ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Emilie

      It's cocoa powder, sorry for not specifying it !

  • Kelly

    Hello, I have date paste in my cupboard.. Can I use it to replace fresh dates?


    bonjour, as I am a poor cook, I just tried this recipe but I must have used the wrong dates, mine are semi dry, which makes my dough coarsely powdery, my blender almost couldn't recover… Waiting to retest the recipe with “real” dates, what do you advise me to do with my pseudo dry cocoa-cashew-date-salt dough for a plan B dessert? In the meantime I keep my powder in the fridge? Fingers crossed for a quick response.. sniff

    • Emilie

      Hello Carol, to catch up with everything it is possible to add a little almond milk to the preparation little by little to correct the texture !
      Hope you like the brownie !