Grilled polenta squares, spinach and sun-dried tomato

Carrés de polenta grillée

Bon j’espère que vous n’allez pas faire une indigestion d’épinards avec cette deuxième recette !!! Bah oui parce c’est bien bon l’épinard et ça mérite un peu plus qu’un œuf meurette !

J’adore la polenta (oui le piémont n’est pas très loin) et j’en mange depuis toute petite avec la recette fétiche de mon papa (la polenta à la crème de sauge) mais là l’idée était de faire des petites bouchées à servir lors d’un apéritif dînatoire ou en plat.

Carrés de polenta grillée

Grilled polenta squares, spinach and sun-dried tomato

Ingredients (pour une dizaines de bouchées)

  • 200 g de polenta
  • 600 g fresh spinach
  • 10 dried tomatoes
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 filet d’huile d’olive
  • Salt and pepper


Cook the polenta as directed on the package. Spread it on 1 a good centimeter thick on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Let cool and set for at least 1 hour. Cut into squares and place them on a baking sheet.. Drizzle with olive oil and bake 15 minutes at 200°.

During this time, wash the spinach and put it in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil and the crushed garlic cloves. Bring it all back 5 minutes, season, remove the garlic cloves, finely chop and set aside.

Arrange the spinach on the squares of polenta and add a piece of dried tomato on top.

Carrés de polenta grillée

Enjoy hot.


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  • olivia

    I who have a very bad memory of canteen polenta I believe that this pretty recipe could cure me 🙂


    • Emilie

      I hope you don't have a bad memory of spinach too 😉

  • Coralie

    J'adoooore la polenta, especially in the pan-fried version and your recipe with Mediterranean accents may well inspire me for my aperitifs this summer (Finally, let's say especially when the sun FINALLY decides to point the tip of its nose…) 🙂

  • so many colors… I adore !

  • Sweety

    What colors!!!! Perfect for working spinach with simplicity and delicacies!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  • Laurel and Mint

    What photos and what recipe , precious


  • Lili

    Mmmm, this must be delicious ! A nice recipe, merci !!!

  • I tame polenta, and I like it more and more…
    grilled like this, I have to try 🙂

  • Liz

    I love the colors, that's wonderful… and suddenly I want to do!!!

  • Darya

    I often make polenta in the oven with all kinds of accompaniments. Good idea to serve it in squares as an aperitif with this very green garnish ! Yum

  • hyper graphic, super nice these 3 colors, you would almost make me love polenta 😀

  • Aaaah, polenta, it conceals tasty secrets…Petite question, the tomatoes are indeed dried tomatoes in olive oil?

    • Emilie

      Yes you are right that's right, but I think it would also be perfect with sundried tomatoes !!!

  • Made in Cooking

    Wow!!! The idea and the photos are terrible!!! As per usual!!! I adore!!!

  • Miss Pigut

    I love to play with polenta which I only discovered as an adult… This tricolor combination easy to make is just beautiful, bravo !

  • Marie

    Ah la la la polenta, I adore ! It's always a bit of a party to eat it 🙂

  • I'm always impressed by these people who manage to tame polenta =o Personally, I've tried it, it always looks like pork porridge when I make it 😀

    Nice recipe anyway, simple but I really like the flavors !

    • Emilie

      Thank you very much miss 😉 But no , I'm sure with a little perseverance you'll be able to do something about it. !!!

  • Adele

    This looks very good ! I like polenta a lot, I am always open to new association ideas.

    Besides, Dad's recipe also aroused my curiosity. It would be possible to have more details ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Emilie

      Thank you Adèle 😉 Well I've always tried to reveal this recipe but to tell you more it's about polenta cooked in water and you have to make layers with grated Emmental, Saint Marcellin cheese and séchons in pieces and pour over liquid cream with sage !!! Voilà, in fact I told you everything !!!

      • Adele

        hmmmm ! I will test that too !

        Thank you so much

  • Yum it looks so good and it's original 🙂 I keep this little recipe preciously 🙂 thank you very much and have a nice end of the day!

  • carabistouilles

    What a great discovery !!! I'm looking for a simple starter that still has its little effect for Friday night and I think I'll find what I'm looking for ! Thank you for all these shares and congratulations for these magnificent photos that make my mouth water. !!

    • Emilie

      Oh thank you so much carabistouilles for all your compliments (I'm blushing !) !!!

  • Peggy

    Beautiful dish!

  • Grenoble

    How beautiful it is, bravo ! I hope to try it one of these days !

  • I always make polenta in the pan, I am happy to find this recipe in the oven.. spinach lover, I really like these squares !

  • Empty-Fridge

    I very often cook polenta and these squares make me want to !
    Thanks for sharing 🙂