One pot mushroom and pea pasta {vegan}

One pot pasta

Le one pot pastamais si, je suis sûre que vous connaissez ce principe d’un plat de pâte où l’on fait cuire tout en même dans dans une cocotte. Voilà donc ce qu’est le one pot pasta, on sélectionne ses pâtes, ses ingrédients chouchous, on ajoute de l’eau, un peu de sel, on fait cuire le tout 10 minutes et hop c’est prêt à être dégusté. Plus besoin de faire cuire les pâtes d’un coté et la garniture de l’autre ! Pour mon tout premier one pot pasta j’ai choisi des saveurs de saison : les petits-pois, le basilic et la tomate séchée et un intemporel, button mushroom. I was really pleasantly surprised with the result. (yes, I didn't really know what to expect), the flavors blend together and it's perfect. That day, I was alone at home and in those moments I don't really take the time to make myself something to eat, then a quick pasta dish, this is the kind of thing that suits me perfectly.

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One pot pasta recette

Recette de One pot pasta

One pot mushroom and pea pasta {vegan}
Pour 2 people
To print
  1. 200- 250 grams of pasta (here semi-complete spaghetti)
  2. 4 mushrooms of Paris
  3. 200 g fresh or frozen peas
  4. 4 dried tomatoes
  5. 1/2 bunch of basil
  6. 1 clove of fresh garlic
  7. 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  8. Salt and pepper
  9. 50 key of water
  1. Slice the button mushrooms and shell the peas.
  2. Chop the basil, cut the sun-dried tomatoes into pieces and chop the fresh.
  3. Put all the ingredients in a casserole dish or a large saucepan.
  4. Add the water and bring to a boil.
  5. Reduce the heat and let it cook 10-12 minutes (by the time the water has completely disappeared
aime & mange
One pot pasta champignons

One pot pasta

Bon one pot pasta !


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  • Cecile

    It looks simple and delicious ! I had already seen books on One pot pasta but I had not taken the time to learn about the principle.
    Your recipe looks full of flavor.. My my my.

    • Emilie

      Ah cool Cecile, you're right it's perfect as a small dish 😉

  • Alexandra

    Haha !! Sounds like an amazing recipe to me. !!! And the pasta is good and cooked and does not stick ?? In any case, it makes me want !

    • Emilie

      Well no they don't stick (I was confused too before I tried !) !!!

  • Christine

    Frankly I did not know this principle of cooking everything ! In addition, the pasta must be impregnated with all these flavors…I noted ! Kisses

    • Emilie

      Oui, oui, oui, it takes on the taste of everything you put inside it 😉

  • granny pebble

    not yet tested this kind of dish but it will not be long !

    • Emilie

      oh great, happy to make new followers !!!

  • BoopCook

    too too good !!

  • Rosenoisettes

    Looks pretty tasty to me !

  • I know what I can prepare for my mother-in-law the next time she comes home ! great idea !

  • Raphaelle

    Tested, approved and shared tonight ! Great recipe like many others. I hope to see many more 😉

  • I hate mushrooms but I could replace them with something else, your pasta dish makes me crave ! I'm hungry !

  • Your recipe makes my mouth water.! It's been a while since I saw the recipes of "One pan pasta", but often with prawns, to which I am allergic… I'm thinking of getting started with one pan with your recipe. ! 😀

    • Emilie

      Oh cool Mary, luckily I didn't put shrimp then 😉


    Brilliant this concept declinable at will…Thank you for this discovery !

  • To the chef

    Yum it makes me so hungry !!

  • Clementine

    Like you, it's typically the kind of dish I make if I'm all alone 🙂
    on the other hand, for me vegan = vegan = no egg, non ? Because in this case pasta cannot be vegan, but I have a big doubt ^^ "

    • Emilie

      Yes vegan equal no eggs but in the pasta there are no eggs except in the egg pasta precisely !

  • The Cook Time

    That's great, I love the concept and since I tried I do it regularly it's so practical ! I rate this vegetarian version

    • Emilie

      Ah, I see there are other followers, cool !!!

  • pandora

    It is very desirable ! In fact for the rice, quinoa and the rest we know how much water to add but for pasta I had never seen any imitation pilaf recipes. You think it's always twice the weight of water regardless of the pasta ? Thank you for this good recipe!

    • Emilie

      For dose, I had gone for a little less water but I had to add more to reach this volume. I think it depends a bit on what you add with !

  • Clairelle

    Mine and mine, I followed everything to the letter, with penne instead of spaghetti. Delicious and to be redone very quickly! Merci,

    • Emilie

      Oh awesome, I just did one again yesterday !!! Merci 😉

  • Camill

    Fantastic! I didn't know at all, I just stumbled upon the recipe! It's a revolution for those who leave work late and who are a little lazy to cook on the way home 🙂 I'll test as soon as possible!

    • Emilie

      Ah yes it's great as a concept and then it's infinitely declinable !!!

  • flo09

    Discovery for me. I cooked my courgettes separately… My question : 250g of pasta and 50cl ? it seems little… and therefore for a 500g packet I double the volume of water ? either 100 cl…
    In advance, thank you for your answer…

    • Emilie

      Yes thats exactly it, vegetables also bring water to the preparation !

  • Clotilde

    I discover with this article the one pot pasta. I'm going to try tonight because I'm out of inspiration for dinner
    I hope that with gluten-free pasta it will work well because they tend to stick a lot.

    • Emilie

      Oh yes it's great as a quick dish and not a headache 😉 Thank you Clotilde

  • Violette O.

    To start, let me tell you how much I find your site of great beauty. So nice!
    I tried this recipe (first for me too the one pot pasta) this noon. I replaced the basil with tarragon (it works very well with mushrooms & peas). A real success! MERCI 1000 times for this recipe and all the others, for your style….

    • Emilie

      Thank you very much for this comment which warms my heart. <3