Vegan puff pastry {step by step}

recette de pâte feuilletée

Ok je suis légèrement à la bourre pour vous livrer ma recette de pâte feuilletée vegan pour en faire une galette… Finally, y’a pas que The kings' cake dans la vie, cette pâte feuilletée va vous servir à faire tout un tas de trucs ! Bon, comme la pâte feuilletée ça fait peur à tout le monde (y compris moi au début), je vous ai fait un tuto, autrement dit un pas-à-pas en photos, pour que vous compreniez bien les différents types de tours, all that, all that ! Bon alors oui c’est un peu long mais ça déchire, between us nothing to do with industrial puff pastry (even if it is practical huh, let's not hide it !).

Puff pastry is a basic,

once you know how to do it, it's like the bike you don't forget ! Good little feature, this puff pastry is without butter, yes she is vegan, how you can make a good puff pastry without butter (but with a solid margarine of course !). I hope you dare to embark on the adventure of homemade puff pastry, it's simple once you've tasted it, it's hard to get by (it goes with all good things by the way !).

Puff pastry without butter
puff pastry tutorial

Vegan puff pastry

{step by step}


  • 180 g T45 flour
  • 180 g T55 flour
  • 155 grams of water
  • 35 g neutral vegetable oil
  • 7 g de sel
  • 250 g solid margarine 80% de MG
  • Start by making the tempera, for this put all the ingredients (except margarine), in the bowl of a food processor fitted with a sheet and knead lightly, until the ingredients come together but without overworking the dough.
  • Form a ball, film and book cool 30 minutes.
  • During this time, spread between two sheets of baking paper the block of 250 g margarine in a square of 20×20. To do this, type with a rolling pin then form a paper envelope and spread the margarine inside. Place this square in a cool place while your distemper cools down.
  • Take the tempera out of the fridge, lightly flour your work surface and roll it out in a rectangular shape so that it is 2x larger than your square of margarine.
  • Arrange the margarine in the center at an angle and fold the four sides of tempera over the margarine, and portfolio, solder by pressing lightly with your fingers.
  • Roll out the dough vertically 60 cm in length.
  • Start with a tour double : Fold two-thirds (bas), a third (high), the dough should touch but not overlap then fold in half.
  • Then continue with a tour simple : Spread vertically on 60 cm in length then fold in thirds.
  • Film and chill 1 hour.
  • Take your dough out and place it on a lightly floured work surface., welding on the right.
  • Spread vertically on 60 cm in length then repeat a double turn then a single turn.
  • Film and refrigerate 1 hour.
  • Take your dough out and place it on a lightly floured work surface., welding on the right.
  • Finish by performing a single trick
  • Book cool, filmed, 2 minimum hours before use.
Easy puff pastry
Vegan puff pastry
Vegan puff pastry


Puff pastry tutorial
Home made pastry dough
Easy puff pastry
Vegan puff pastry


Puff pastry step by step
Puff pastry without butter
Puff pastry
Easy puff pastry

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  • Roche

    Pourriez-vous me donner des nomsde margarine solide a 80% cat the one I found is quite soft
    Thank you Best regards