white bean hummus {vegan}

houmous haricots blancs

Ah le mois de septembrele mois de la rentrée après les vacances d’été mais aussi le mois de l’automne qui pour mois serait plutôt le mois de : « je veux rester en été » !!! Bref ce n’est pas tout de suite que vous verrez des courges par ici, surtout que les étals sont toujours en mode été chez nous ! Je reprends donc du service avec une recette d’houmous qui change un peu, j’ai nommé l’houmous aux haricots blancs. Ne croyez pas que c’est totalement la même chose qu’avec des pois-chiche, no it’s even very different in texture and taste. So you have the choice between home-cooked white beans or canned white beans for convenience., at the same time it’s the season for fresh beans so if you find some go for it !

Here it has become our favorite for Friday evening aperitifs,

because it goes with everything, and the kids love hummus !!! And then the big plus of this recipe is the fried pieces of pita which brings a crazy deliciousness, at the same time it's crispy, it's fat, in short everything we like !!! So don't hesitate to do more, to snack on the side and dip in hummus, between us it's more comforting than carrot dips !!! Come on let's sip a good lemonade and we still think it's summer, it works a little no ?!!!

Easy hummus
hummus that changes

white bean hummus {vegan}


bean hummus recipe
  • 250 g haricots blancs cuits
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 good pinch of salt
  • The juice of a lemon
  • 100 g de though (sesame puree)
  • 5 cl d’huile d’olive
  • 1/2 Red onion
  • 1 pita (or more !)
  • pine nuts
  • basil leaves
  • Mix the white beans together, lemon juice, the tahin, garlic cloves, salt and olive oil until smooth (add a little water if needed).
  • Cut the pita bread into pieces then brown it in a drizzle of olive oil, stirring well.. the pieces must be well grilled.
  • Arrange the bean hummus in a deep plate then add the chopped red onion, pieces of pita bread, bread nuts and a few basil leaves.
  • Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and enjoy !
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  • Mum

    Mia Mia ! And the photos are superb ! : )

    • Emilie

      Thank you !

    • Mag

      It's funny, my passion for hummus returned to me at the end of summer and it continues. This evening, it tends to be green with lots of fresh herbs in it (parsley, basil, oregano). Next time I'll try your white bean version.… with the little pine nuts it’s really tempting !

      • Emilie

        Thank you so much ! Here it’s truly passion for hummus throughout all seasons :)