Banana mousse with maple syrup and salted butter caramel

Mousse de bananes

On a tous eu des bananes trop mûres dans sa corbeille de fruits dont on ne sait pas quoi faire car plus personne ne veux les manger ! Alors pour palier à ce problème existentiel (oui oui oui, j’ai bien dis existentiel !!!),  je tiens une solution plutôt gourmandedes petites mousses au sirop d’érable à servir avec du bon caramel beurre salé maison…Yum !

Mousse de bananes

Je suis sûre que vous ne jetterez plus aucune banane !

Banana mousse with maple syrup and salted butter caramel

Ingredients (pour 6)

  • 4 bananes mûres
  • 400 g whipping cream
  • 3 c. to s. maple syrup
  • 1/2 c. at c. d’agar-agar
  • Du salted butter caramel
  • A few slices of dried bananas


Warm it up 50 g whipping cream with agar-agar in a saucepan, bring to a boil and set aside.

Mix the banana with the maple syrup and the heated cream until the mixture is airy, then book.

Whip the remaining whipping cream then gently mix it with the banana-based preparation.

Divide the preparation into verrines and leave to set in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

Mousse de bananes

Serve with dried banana slices and homemade salted butter caramel.


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  • cookparadise

    What a terrible duo with salted butter caramel 😉
    I would gladly drop by for a tasting
    I wish you a pleasant evening

  • helene06

    hmm it feels like!

  • A solution that I like a lot as soon as I have bananas lying around I test 🙂 I love the salted butter caramel banana combination so with maple syrup it must be perfect kisses

  • Nadi[Art]Design

    It is : Pig ! Pardon me the term mdrr ! But I couldn't hold myself back <3
    It looks really delicious ! Merci pour m'ouvrir autant l'appétit ^^ Bises, xX

  • Coralie

    Very very greedy this banana mousse ! Now I won't look at my overripe bananas the same way again ^^ Kisses girls !

  • what a treat

    And one less existential problem !
    I admit that I buy them quite ripe by basin at the market for 1 euro ; and we do orgies of flambéed bananas, banana bread, smoothies et milk shake. I will add your recipe for my next purchase. ….

  • argon

    rrrahhhh !! too yummy !!! the banana with this salted butter caramel sauce, it must be divinely good !

  • Claire-tte

    Already that banana-caramel is killer, then with maple syrup…

  • lolotte

    it must be pure indulgence!

  • Cindy

    Very greedy this miiiam mousse, I have to try!

  • Clemence

    How delicious is this mousse !

  • To the chef

    Very good idea this foam, Yum !!

  • cecily

    I adore bananas, this recipe appeals to me!

  • Emilie

    thanks to all <3

  • just perfect your recipe! I tried and loved it!
    I discovered your blog thanks to this recipe and I think I will come back often to see the little novelties!

  • Effy cooking

    Hmm a delight this foam !

  • Alexanne

    Yum, I really want it 😀 the photos are very pretty !

  • Natalie

    What delicacy !

  • A killer this dessert ! Kinda reminds me of a revisited banoffee hold !

    thanks for sharing !